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by | Mar 28, 2019 | News

Hello Eugene!!!! My name is Dr. Jordan Lentfer and I am the owner of Oregon Kids Pediatric Dentistry…opening this Summer! I have been practicing dentistry since 2007 and specialize in pediatric dentistry. A lot of people ask what the difference is between a pediatric dentist and general dentist. Well, A LOT! Pediatric dentists are pediatricians of the dental field. You take your child to a pediatrician, so why not a pediatric dentist? We attend two to three more years of specialty training to become experts in treating pediatric dentistry. In our training, we learn more about growth, development, recognition for orthodontic needs, behavior management, and how to treat special needs than is taught in general dental school. In addition, a pediatric dental office is made to the specific needs of the child patient creating a more comfortable, kid friendly experience than at a dental office built for mom and dad.

That being said, having practiced for a while now, I am proud to finally be opening my own pediatric dental practice here in Eugene. I grew up in Ashland, Oregon and got my undergraduate degree from University of Oregon…GO DUCKS! After practicing at other offices in the area for almost four years, my husband, Max, and son, Cooper, and I absolutely love Eugene and can’t be more thrilled to be planting roots here. The core of my relationship with patients and their families is based on trust. I believe patients deserve to be treated as individuals and not mushed in and out of the office. I want to get to know my patients, their families, even their pets! I believe in traditional and holistic manors of treating my pediatric patients. I support the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s guidelines and recommendations, but take a special interest in holistic dentistry as well. At Oregon Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we pay special attention to the chemicals we use in our office, from filling materials, toothpaste we use for your child’s cleanings, office cleaning materials, down to the fabric of the furniture and vinyl flooring. We do all we can to be as “green” as possible.

I can’t be more pleased to invite you into our office! We will have scheduling abilities near the end of May and hoping to open our doors in late June or early July. Please call us at 541-636-4344 in May to make an appointment for your kiddo!  

Below are a few photos of our new office being constructed!

What Our Patients Say

“Did a scary thing for my family a Frenectomy and it was the best possible experience for such a challenging parenting decision.

So empathetic, informative, open, and overall fantastic! The physical space was great as well.”

-Tyler Bryan

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