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Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Parents are ALWAYS welcome back for treatment of their children at Oregon Kids Pediatric Dentistry. We insist that a legal guardian be present at the initial visit. If the legal guardian cannot be present at following visits, we need legal guardians to sign a form of who they will allow to accompany their child and make dental treatment decisions on their behalf.

Most children do better on their own for treatment, but some do better with their parents present. Here at Oregon Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we believe you have the right to always be with your child for their treatment. Therefore, this decision to be present or not will always* be up to you. *EXCEPTIONS: If your child is undergoing general anesthesia or you are pregnant and your child will be having nitrous oxide.

Siblings are welcome for cleaning appointments, but no siblings are allowed in the treatment room when your other child is having dental care. This is in their best interest so they have positive experiences themselves when they have dental treatment and to allow all of our attention, and yours, to be on the child having treatment completed.

If your child is 3 years old or younger– Most often, kids that are in this age group are pre-cooperative. If your child is cooperative and sits in the dental chair, their visit will likely be similar to when you go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned but with a more child friendly touch. If your child is not ready to sit in the dental chair, we will do what is referred to as a “lap to lap” exam.

This is when you hold your child facing you and Dr. Lentfer will place her knees close to yours at which time, if you are comfortable, you will lay your child down on a pillow with their head in Dr. Lentfer’s lap while you hold your child’s hands and give support. This gives Dr. Lentfer the best angle to evaluate your child’s oral health in a safe and efficient manor. If you are not comfortable with this method, please let us know. At this age, it is rare that we take radiographs unless indicated.

If your child is 4 years or older– At four years old, most children are cooperative for a traditional cleaning and examination and x-rays as indicated. That being said, some children still aren’t ready for this. If your child is still hesitant, we can use other methods for their examination. As is the thought with all we do at Oregon Kids Pediatric Dentistry, your child is unique and we will always adapt to your child’s needs.