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Day of Treatment

When you contact our office, Dr. Lentfer and her team will schedule your appointment allowing time for an evaluation and treatment. When you present for your appointment, Dr. Lentfer will complete a thorough evaluation of your child’s birth and medical history and intraoral evaluation, assessing your child’s suck pattern, palate shape, lingual, labial and buccal frenum attachments.

After the assessment, Dr. Lentfer will discuss the risks and benefits for your child to have the procedure performed. Dr. Lentfer only performs this procedure symptomatically, not prophylactically, and will leave the decision completely up to you if you would like to proceed with treatment. If Dr. Lentfer and parents agree a release is indicated, we will schedule a separate appointment to have treatment completed.

It is VERY important to Dr. Lentfer that the family is 110% on board with the procedure. If you are not ready to go ahead with the procedure, Dr. Lentfer encourages you to take some time and contact the office when you are ready to proceed with treatment.

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